Marketing Agency Recruitment

Here at The City Recruiter one of our key focus areas is in Marketing Agency Recruitment.

We have many companies, organisations and candidates seeking to recruit or make applications, in the following areas:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Product Marketing
  • Brand Marketing
  • Event Marketing
  • Marketing Analysis

For hiring managers in large or small organisations that are seeking to fill current roles, we offer our search and Marketing Agency Recruitment services. As background, the current workplace market has little excess in terms of available candidates for any vertical, with the UK at a virtual famine of available workforce surplus. Rarely has the figure of a 3.5% unemployment rate ever been seen in the UK over recent decades. Such is the current market, bringing with it the inevitable challenges of finding and securing talented resources.

Help is at Hand

Here at The City Recruiter, we have a wealth of industry contacts and a network that operates at a personal level with our customised approach towards engaging with potential candidates.

With Marketing being one of the high growth areas for businesses and organisations, it is, as inferred previously, no surprise that experienced applicants are in relatively short supply. However, against this backdrop, our specialised candidate search means we always remain far more in touch and connected at an individual level. As a consequence, we have our radar trained on a much wider and broader workforce landscape, made possible through our bespoke and personalised approach. That’s the difference we bring to Marketing Agency Recruitment.

For hiring managers, we would urge you to discuss your requirements with us as early as possible. By understanding the list of requirements for potential applicants, together with your business aims and ambitions means we can get a head start in finding the right applicants and the perfect hire for your team.

For potential candidates, even if at the thought stage of beginning a career move, we welcome the opportunity to discuss it with you so we can understand what your career vision is, and look to map and secure a new job role that’s going to elevate you to the next level in your career path. Take a look at our current digital marketing vacancies here:

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