Financial Services Recruitment

It’s probably a well-known fact to many that today’s labour market represents what may be termed a ‘market of scarcity’, particularly for employers in respect of seeking prospective candidates to recruit. With the current UK unemployment rate being at historic lows, the evidence is clear. Moreover, it’s mirrored within many of the international markets. Here, perhaps, it’s also worth mentioning the post Brexit European labour markets which have resulted in significant and specific impact made upon Financial Services recruitment. Many employers are also invoking retention strategies, making the pool of prospective candidates even harder to engage and secure. Therein lies the challenge. It’s a problem facing all organisations and verticals, none more so than Financial Services recruitment.

Help is at hand.

The City Recruiter has the expertise and industry relationships that can help bridge the gap.

Here at The City Recruiter, our approach to talent acquisition is one of being able to provide a personalised and bespoke service, one that represents the very best interests being served to both our recruiting clients and candidates in equal measure. We recognise one size does not fit all, and as a result, our ethos is that we remain flexible in our approach, focused on our engagement, and above all, believe in developing personal client relationships over the longer term. In a nutshell – a fully customised service with our client being at the epicentre of everything we do.

The key areas on which our Financial Services Recruitment is predominantly focused include:

  • Fund Management
  • Risk Management
  • Finance and Equities
  • Accounting
  • Audit
  • Treasury
  • Trade Desk and Support
  • Wealth and Asset Management
  • Operations
  • Insurance – all sectors
  • Debt and Structured Finance
  • Regulatory Compliance

We operate in the search and placement of clients seeking to either apply or fill, full-time, part-time, or contract roles within the Financial Services industry. We can help leading Financial Services firms attract the very best talent by the introduction of the very best candidates and vice versa. It’s what we do.

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